AdEC is a R&D consortium by six partners:

AdEC is a R&D consortium by six partners:

Research and Technological Development (RTD) partners:

 ● IPU - Institute for Product Development (Danish)
 ● DTI - Danish Technological Institute (Danish)

Small and Medium-sizeed Enterprises (SME):

 ● ÅK-Chrome (Danish)
 ● Radne (Swedish)
 ● Carbodeon (Finland)
 ● Husqvarna (Swedish)

The partners have in February 2013 been grated (GA315239) a two year R&D-project on Advanced low friction Engine Coating for combustion engines, by the 7th Framework Programme of The EU Commission.

The AdEC-project aims to Develop and Demonstrate advanced low-friction coatings tailored for engine applications.

Focus in this project will be small 2-stroke gasoline engines with innovative super-lubricating wear-resistant coatings to:

  • Decrease wear
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Increase engine power
  • Increase lifetime
  • Lower overall pollution
  • Reduce CO2 emmissions